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Demon Eye Headlights

Contents: Demon eye headlights are a striking and increasingly popular automotive lighting modification known for their intense, glowing appearance that gives a car a “demonic” look. 

Do LED headlight bulbs run hotter than halogen bulbs?

Contents: At, we understand that the temperature performance of LED headlight bulbs compared to traditional halogen bulbs is a primary concern for many of our customers. 

Integrated Driver or External Driver – Which Takes the Lead?

Contents: Buckle up as we cruise through the fantastic world of LED headlight technology. For all you car aficionados and tech enthusiasts, LED headlights are like the cherry on top of a delicious sundae – they’ve got longevity, unparalleled brightness, and energy smarts. But wait, there’s a fork in the road! Should we take the integrated driver lane or the external driver boulevard?

H4 VS. H7 Headlight Bulb: Illuminating the Differences

Contents: Dive into the world of car light bulbs with me, as the auto engineering and automotive lighting landscape is brimming with assorted gems. Tailor your car’s character with the right headlight flair! Two stars in this realm are the H4 and H7 bulbs. Let’s switch on our high beams and explore the contrast between these two luminaries.

Illuminating the Way: Decoding the 3000K vs. 6500K vs. 8000K Spectrum for Night Driving

Contents: Today, let’s embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries of color temperatures in car headlight bulbs, specifically 3000K, 6500K, and 8000K. Some gurus in the industry swear by the 3000K bulbs, while others are adamant that 6500K is the ultimate choice for nocturnal travels.

Illuminating the Path: A Deep Dive into LED Headlight Beam Patterns

Contents: To secure your safety and that of your fellow drivers, it’s imperative to equip your vehicle with top-tier LED headlight bulbs. However, if not properly aimed, they can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Brightest H4 LED Headlight Bulbs 

Contents: Headlights play a crucial role in ensuring road safety. If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s stock H4 halogen bulbs to H4 LED headlight bulbs for brighter illumination and a longer lifespan, you’ve come to the right place.

Are LED Car Light Bulbs Good for Projector Headlight Housing?

Contents: As LED headlights continue to steal the limelight, outshining halogens and HIDs, more people are eager to join the bandwagon. However, some remain skeptical about whether LEDs are compatible with projector headlights.

Top 5 Best & Brightest H7 LED Bulbs For Projector Headlights

Contents: Is the luminosity of your projector headlight diminishing? In search of a new H7 LED bulb that will aid your projector in reclaiming its original performance? The sheer number of H7 LED headlight brands on the market can be overwhelming.

High Beams vs. Low Beams: Understanding the Dual Illuminators!

Contents: Every single part of a vehicle is engineered with precision to ensure road safety, and headlights certainly play a pivotal role. It’s good to know that car headlights, with their high and low beam settings, don’t just add a dash of style to your ride; they light up your path and make sure you’re visible to fellow motorists and pedestrians.

Top 5 Most Luminous H11 LED Headlight Bulbs of 2023

Contents: So which H11 LED headlight bulbs are the most luminous on the market? This article provides an in-depth look at some of the leading options for high-brightness H11 LED bulbs and details their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Besides, we have collected the results of the latest research, polls and studies about the LED headlights that will be definitely of interest for you.

A Brighter Journey: The Advantages of Autosaver 88

Contents: As a technician with over 15 years of experience installing and retrofitting aftermarket car headlights, I’ve had the privilege to work with countless brands and models. Today, I want to talk about one brand that I’ve seen consistently outperforming others in terms of quality and value for money: Autosaver 88.

Are Aftermarket Headlights Better than OEM?

Contents: Quite often we see car owners purchasing aftermarket headlights instead of the factory ones that got damaged or have to be replaced due to any reason. So, why do people select aftermarket headlights instead of the OEM ones?

Sequential Lights Do Not Work: What to Check?

Contents: Having a hard time installing your lights with sequential function? Check out this guide! Pictures and technical details included!

How to install Anzo headlights on Ford Mustang

Contents: See detailed information on how to install and properly align these headlights. Pictures and technical details included!

New Floor Liner Brands You Should Know

Contents: Though there are many quality floor liner brands that are less known, yet definitely deserve attention.

Akarui LED Headlight Bulbs

Contents: There are many LED conversion kits for vehicles available online, and Akarui LED is one of the brands that offer quality products. Akarui is a Japanese brand that is very popular in Japan. Now, their LED headlight conversion kits became available on the American market.

LED Color Chart: Temperature Differences Explained

Contents: Color of the LEDs is influenced by many factors, such as materials, construction and type of LED chips they use. Our experts explain the most popular LED colors and specs. Keep reading to find out the LED temperature differences, info on how to understand color chart and see comparison of 6000K vs 5000K LEDs.

Headlight Restoration: Ultimate Solution for Better Visibility

Contents: Faded, scratched and yellowish headlight lenses can be restored, and you can do that in your garage without having to pay someone do this for you.

Floor Liners for Custom Look and Ultimate Protection

Contents: With a variety of floor mats available on the modern aftermarket, 3D MAXpider floor liners feature classic design, 3d molded shape and are completely non-toxic. 3D MAXpider mats are available for the most popular American cars, trucks and SUVs. Keep reading to find out more!

Trucks and Prerunners: Auxiliary Lighting

Contents: Auxiliary lighting is extremely important, if you are about to go off-road, as extra visibility in this case means great experience and your own safety. If you are working on a pre-runner or off-road truck, think of reliable, water- and vibration-resistant lighting solutions. Step in for details!

Frog Gigging: Things to Know

Contents: If you are into hunting or fishing and are interested in frog gigging, step in for useful info, tips and tricks, information on American Bulldog frogs and more! Check, what frog gigging equipment you need to hunt and clean frogs. 

Hitch-Mounted Mud Flaps: Ultimate Protection for Trucks

Contents: When it comes to towing, American drivers always think of safety. It is also important to consider adequate level of protection of both truck and towable to avoid dents, scratches and cracks. Hitch-mounted heavy-duty mud flaps by Rock Tamers are designed to protect your investment and last!

Trailer Lights: Types, Installation & More

Contents: Trailer lights are a must-have if you are towing something, as trailer lights mark the towable on the road. This is a legal means of safety for you and the other drivers. Keep reading to find out, what are the popular trailer lights in America, how to install trailer lights and more!

What are the Best Bulbs for Aftermarket Headlights

Contents: Aftermarket headlight assemblies not always have bubs shipped with them, and sometimes the bulbs that come in the kit are not bright enough. If you are thinking of a decent set of bulbs for your custom headlights, you are welcome to check out tips and recommendations we’ve got!

TPMS Sensor Resetting on Honda Vehicles

Contents: All modern cars, trucks and SUVs by Honda come equipped with TPMS sensors from the factory. TPMS system warns the driver, when one or several wheels are under- or overinflated. Keep reading to find out, how to reset TPMS sensors on Honda.