Best Aftermarket Headlights

Aftermarket headlights are a cost-effective alternative to the OE headlight assemblies when it comes to the replacement of the lights that got damaged. Also, this is a cost-effective alternative to the headlights retrofit and is a great solution for those, who want to make their vehicle’s front fascia different and custom. Yet, when it comes to the selection of a particular headlight assembly, it’s a real challenge to determine, what’s the best headlight assembly brand on the market.

Best Aftermarket Headlight Assembly

There is a dozen of well-known and recognizable aftermarket headlight brands that are popular in the USA. Like every product, aftermarket lights by these brands have fans and critics of every brand we are going to cover. But it’s fair to say, that in average the products by these brands feature similar quality and easy plug-and-play installation. So when you make a decision on which brand to go with, we recommend relying on your own needs, budget, expectations, and design preference.

The Best aftermarket headlights

The best and the least expensive aftermarket headlights

So, what are the things you will be looking for when selecting the best aftermarket headlights? First, think of the budget and your own expectations. If you want headlights that will look close to what you had on the vehicle from stock, you can find a quality aftermarket headlight set for $100-$150. You can consider such manufacturers as Spyder, Eagle, Depo, Spec-D, etc.


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The best custom headlights: things to look for

If you are seeking for something custom, first think of the design you like. Prices for the custom headlights vary based on the technologies the lights employ. The leaders on the American custom lighting aftermarket are ANZO, Spec-D, Spyder, IPCW and Recon. Here are some things you may be looking for when shopping for the best aftermarket headlight assembly for your truck, car or SUV:

  • LED accents;
  • LED strips;
  • halo rings (LED, CCFL, plasma);
  • projection lenses;
  • compatibility with OE HID (xenon);
  • U-bars;
  • switchback DRL.


Euro headlights: Things to know

Euro headlights is an affordable way to jazz up the vehicle’s exterior. These headlights usually come without bulbs, yet the housing is different, than the stock. Aftermarket Euro headlights usually take the same bulb size as the original headlights. So if that is the case, you can simply install the OE bulbs into the new Euro headlights. It is not recommended to upgrade aftermarket headlights to HIDs, as xenon bulbs are not likely to focus right in the aftermarket housing.


Color-changing halo headlights

When it comes to the headlights that not only have different design, but also different color, color-shift headlights by Oracle Lighting are the absolute leaders. This is the most popular aftermarket lighting solution among those, who want their vehicle look different. Color-shift technology allows changing the color to the one you like and back to white not to get a ticket from a police officer. Oracle Lighting features both pre-assembled headlight assemblies with built-in halos, and the halo ring kits that one may want to wire in by themselves.


A PRO tip. Some aftermarket headlights feature plastic exterior plastic lens, which is more fragile compared to the polycarbonate lenses used by the majority of carmakers. So it is a good idea to think of headlight protection while the assembly is still new. You can have headlight protector film installed prior to the headlight installation to prolong the lifespan of your lights and protect the plastic from damages, chips, scratches and UV fading. Just make sure the film you select is made specifically for headlights protection, otherwise it may negatively influence the output and headlight beam forming.


The best aftermarket headlight assembly: brand comparison

We have picked 12 most popular brands that offer custom and aftermarket headlights in the USA. Being honest, each of these brands has plenty of good reviews, yet, just like with any other product, there are people who did not like something about aftermarket headlights. So we’ve put together the comparison table of the most popular headlight brands in America to make the headlight selection process easier for you.

Spyder90-day warrantyCHECK PRICE

Spec-D1-year warrantyCHECK PRICE
Oracle1-year warrantyCHECK PRICE
ANZO1-year warrantyCHECK PRICE
IPCW1-year warranty (projector, LED lights);
6-months warranty (Euro/Altezza lighting)
Recon90-day warrantyCHECK PRICE
CG 90-day warrantyCHECK PRICE
Winjet 6 or 12-month warrantyCHECK PRICE
JW Speaker1-year warranty CHECK PRICE
XK Glow2-year warranty CHECK PRICE
Depo1-year warranty CHECK PRICE
Eagle1-year warranty CHECK PRICE

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Best Aftermarket Headlights Reviews

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Aftermarket Headlights
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Melinda K. Givens on Aftermarket Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Woburn, MA
Vehicle: 2004 Mazda3

After I damaged my stock headlight, I installed Spyder euro headlights. They are less expensive, than ones by Mazda and look okay. But the bulbs they come with suck lol

by Anna E. Street on Aftermarket Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Philadelphia, PA
Vehicle: 2012 Cadillac SRX

When I ordered aftermarket halo lights my concern was about light output and quality of the lens. Besides, I wanted tinted lights and I was afraid this can influence light output. So far, everything's good, yet I have got LEDs for high and low beams.

by Ralph S. Reedy on Aftermarket Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Vermillion, SD
Vehicle: Honda Accord

I installed Spec-D headligts with halos on my Accord, and they look sharp. They've been working for 2 months so far, and everything's cool.

by Arlene F. Barga on Aftermarket Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Amherst, MA
Vehicle: Chevy Silverado

I love my euro headlights, they are cheap and look cool.

Questions & Answers

  1. Avatar Robby says : Reply

    I’m looking for some after market headlights for my 2011 Toyota 4Runner SR5. What do you have to offer?

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Robert,

      I’m afraid the most popular headlight manufacturers, such as Spyder, Anzo, Spec-D, etc. do not have nice aftermarket headlights for your 4Runner. However, it is a good idea to upgrade your factory headlights by adding extra LED/CCFL halos to the OEM assemblies. This way, your lights will be truly custom. Plus, it’s not too hard to do if you have basic technical skills. We’ve got an article about that:
      Aftermarket Halo Rings: Pros & Cons

      If you are not sure how to do that but you wish to experiment with headlights, it’s better to keep your stock lights and gran a pair of OE-style aftermarket lights and install halos in them, then go ahead and install them instead of the stock lights. Even if you do not like what you’ll get, you always have an option to switch to the stocl headlights.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Avatar houston junk car buyer says : Reply

    Thanks for the valuable info! I’m glad that I came across your site

  3. Avatar Peter Drougas says : Reply

    Hi Susan,
    Have you ever heard of a headlight from a company named Axial ? I am looking for a set of custom Headlights for my 2010 silverado 1500 and ran across the Axial name on American Truck site. I noticed your article doesn’t list the Axial brand , and I was wondering if you knew anything about the company.

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Pete, I know that Axial is a good brand. They offer a lot of quality products, which are popular among those, who are into off-road. Honestly, this brand is not too popular among car/truck owners, based on my own experience. However, we’ve installed their LEDs on Wrangler (I am talking about those round 8-inch lights with projector LEDs), and the product is quite good in terms of quality, connectors, etc. By the way, many people who have RC also say Axial products. Though I must say, I have never dealt with their headlights for Chevy trucks, so I really cannot comment on them. But overall, I haven’t heard bad reviews on them. Hope this helps!

  4. Avatar Mary says : Reply

    Hey I purchased spec d headlight assembly and it came with everything but I can’t figure out why the halo isn’t working on low beam

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey there, there may be a couple of things to consider. If you want your halos always on, hook them up to your driving lights. If that’s what you did, and the halos still won’t turn on with your low beams, check out the connector. The metal prongs in the connectors can be slightly bent, enough to cause the lights to not get power. See the picture in the attachment.
      Spec-D headlight connectors: make sure these are not bent

  5. Avatar Dennis Bolay says : Reply

    I have a 1997 Ford Ranger with the original factory headlights. I am not interested in Euro Style, Extra Chrome, Black Lenses, or Color Changing Halo type headlights. I am interested in clear headlamps that maximize light output.

    What do you consider to be my best options?

    Thank you.


    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Dennis, there are several options I see in this case. The first thing you want to have is a clear lens. Yellowish, faded, scratched plastic exterior lenses steal the light.

      1) Get your stock lights polished. You can do this professionally or by yourself. Sylvania has got a great restoration kit, around $20 on Amazon, here’s the link for you. Note, that it is a must to use that UV polish after you complete the restoration. This way you will ‘seal’ your headlight lens that will prevent from getting yellowish and minimize UV impact. This is a good idea if your reflector is still in good condition.
      2) If you feel, that the reflector is no longer good and you’d rather replace the whole headlight assembly, Dorman is the way to go, as long as you plan using halogen bulbs. By the way, a pair of good halogen bulbs will also be a great upgrade. I will give you the part numbers of Dorman headlights and Philips bulbs and will show where to find them on Amazon, though you can shop for them in any other place.
      So, the part number for the driver side (Dorman) is 1590206, the passenger side is 1590206. By the way, let me give you the OE part numbers for your stock headlights for reference, just in case you need them in your research. Driver side: F37Z13008B, F37Z13007B; passenger side: F37Z13008A, F37Z13007A. As for the bulbs, see Philips or Sylvania, both are great.
      3) If you consider getting brighter bulbs, halogens aren’t the only option. Think of getting an LED conversion kit. Good led bulbs focus right as they have the same length, as the stock halogen bulbs. Yet, they are brighter, last longer and are resistant to moisture, vibration, etc. as they do not have glass elements. Personally I like Hikari LEDs, but you can also check Katana, Akarui. If you decide to go with LEDs, you will also need an additional load resistor, as older vehicles may not recognize LEDs.

      Hope this helps! These are the best ideas that came to my mind.

  6. Avatar Victor Sullivan says : Reply

    Hello Ms. Susan. Just wandering if know anything about the lumen brand automotive light assemblies whether the headlights or taillights. If there quality is equally as good as Anzo or Spyder. Thank you.
    Victor S.

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Victor, we installed Lumen headlights, and they are not bad. Quality is equal to Spyder (quality of the plastic, connectors, etc.). As far as I know, carries the widest assortment of Lumen lighting. This is a budget-friendly aftermarket lighting brand, but, unlike Anzo and Spyder that back up their products with a 1 year/6 months warranty, Lumen has only 30 days warranty. I cannot say that this is bad or something, just want to let you know about this fact.
      Hope this helps!

  7. Avatar Nicholas says : Reply

    What about a 2012 Ford Focus sel 4 door Sedan

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Nicholas, there are so many great aftermarket headlights for your Ford. Let me give you a couple of options to consider.

      1. Spyder black projector headlights with parking LEDs, part # PRO-JH-FF12-LED-BK. These are great headlights for the money, available in chrome and black. Unlike similar Spyder headlights part # PRO-YD-FF12-DRL-BK, they do not have that fiber optic DRL, but hey, they are $200 less expensive, look great and are made well. Note, they work only with Focuses that feature factory halogen bulbs, and will not work right if you have HIDs.
      2. Spec-D Tuning Black projector headlights with switchback LEDs. Here is another great option, as long as you like that switchback effect. These headlights are around $250, and are made well, installation is very simple. Pay attention, that you need to activate that switchback LED function. I know, that these particular headlights have a couple of negative reviews on Amazon, but that’s because people did not activate that function and then wrote, that the lights are bad.
      3. If you need nice aftermarket headlights that have fiber optic accents, do not go with Spyder or Spec-D. Anzo part # 121490 is nice, but is overpriced, as for me. CG offers almost the same headlights that are way less expensive and have the same functions (LED fiber accents, projector lenses, etc.). You will need part # 02-AZ-FU12-PBC-P-A. They are unavailable on Amazon, but many aftermarket headlight shops have them, just google by the part number.

      Hope this helps!

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