LED & HID Kits

While halogen bulbs are something that is installed into the majority of modern vehicles from the factory, there are still so many alternatives for those, who are seeking better lighting. The easiest option of headlight upgrades is getting more advanced halogens.

There are quality, lasting, and extremely bright halogen light options that perform and last in an outstanding way. This is an easy way out for those, who are seeking better light output, yet want to stick to the traditional headlight bulbs.

LED & HID Kits


HIDs: xenon bulbs explanation

Another popular headlight upgrade is the installation of an HID kit. HID stands for high-intensity discharge. HID kit is a set of xenon bulbs and ballasts that work together to provide intense lighting. Some vehicles come equipped with xenon bulbs from the factory, and some car owners install HIDs instead of halogens into their headlights to take advantage of brighter light and more focused light rays. It is recommended to install HIDs into projector headlights to ensure proper focusing. Alternatively, there is an option to pick a headlight assembly that is designed to work with HID bulbs. If you are monitoring the reviews on the best HID conversion kits and consider different brands, check out our review of the most popular HID conversion kits. We have collected strengths and weaknesses for you.


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LED conversion kits: things to know

Some modern vehicles feature LED headlight bulbs for high and low beams as of the 2016 model year and up. Yet, some car owners take advantage of LED headlight upgrades by installing LED conversion kits on their vehicles instead of factory halogen bulbs. Modern LED conversion kits last way longer, than regular halogen bulbs and provide brighter light. Usually, LED conversion kits come with easy plug-and-play installation and come equipped with everything needed to provide hassle-free service. Here are the key points to keep in mind when shopping for a quality LED upgrade kit.

  • The LED kit has to be plug-and-play;
  • The cooling module has to be as slim as possible to fit into the stock headlight assembly;
  • LED kits for newer vehicles (2005+) have to feature a built-in CAN-bus module not to throw ‘bulb out’ warnings or electric errors;
  • LED upgrade kits have to feature a built-in load resistor to be recognized as a bulb by the vehicle’s computer;
  • Always pay attention to the warranty period for the LED conversion kit you consider for your vehicle. The warranty time frame has to be at least 1 year.

If you are interested in getting an LED conversion kit, check out our reviews of the most popular LED kits from Amazon:

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LED & HID Kits
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Terry Shawz
Location (Sity, State): GA
Vehicle: Ford F250

I have got Hikari LEDs in my F250. I cannot speak of the other LED conversion kits, as I don't have experience with them. Yet, I love the way Hikari Ultra work in my truck.

 by Richard Timkend
Location (Sity, State): Washington, DC
Vehicle: Hyundai Tiburon

I upgraded my lights to LED, as I need better light output at night. I installed a kit by myself, and I like how it works.

4 Comments to “ LED & HID Kits”

  1. darrell scott says :Reply

    I have hella headlight enclosures and like the look of halos but cant seem to find much info on how they are installed. Would it be easier to purchase new enclosures with halos built in? Enclosure must accept h4 bulb and would like a bright white color in halo to match current bulbs

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      You can use one of those sealed beam conversion headlights that feature built-in halos. I can recommend checking Oracle headlights with built-in halos. They are leaders on the market today in terms of quality of the halo unit. You can pick just a single-color halo built into the light assembly, or there is also an option to pick color-changing halos. It’s up to you.

  2. Allan Dewgers says :Reply

    Hi Susan,

    I have a 2018 Chevrolet Colorado, and I was about to upgrade my headlight bulbs to LEDs.
    Can you comment on the best LED brands, please?
    Also, is there a significant difference between H16 and H11 bulb size?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Allan,

      If you want LEDs that will not blind the oncoming traffic, I’d pick headlight bulbs that cost over $60 on Amazon. Do not go with cheap $10 bulbs, as they will not do the job. As for the brands, there are many great ones: Hikari, Akarui, Nineo, etc.
      As for the difference between H16 and H11, check out this article, it provides an excellent explanation: H16 LED Bulbs.
      I hope this helps!

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