HIKARI 2022 HyperStar Wireless LED Bulbs

Based on the reviews of our readers, as well as Amazon and eBay buyers it’s fair to say, that Hikari ACME-X LED bulbs are the leaders among the owners of reflector-style headlights. These light bulbs first appeared in early 2021 and quickly gained one of the leading positions in the LED market.

The design of these light bulbs is quite simple, which makes them reliable enough, compared to certain other LED light bulbs.

HIKARI 2022 HyperStar

KEY FEATURES: Brightness, precise focusing in reflector headlights

• LED chip features +400% brightness (much brighter than regular car bulbs);
• Cool white color temperature - 6000K;
• Wider and farther beam pattern due to innovative construction;
• All-in-one design ensures easy plug-and-play installation;
• 1:1 Design for excellent fit to perfectly replace the OEM headlight bulbs;
• Square bottom dimensions: 1.2 x 1.2 in.;
• The lifespan of LEDs: 50.000 hours of operation;
• Cooling turbofan speed - 12.000 rpm;
• A total of 40 aluminum heat sinks;
• IP68 water resistance.

Information by official Hikari website.

Hikari ACME-X light bulbs feature the same dimensions as the halogen bulbs, which allows the positioning of the light source exactly at the focus point of the reflector headlights. As a result, you are getting a perfectly focused light beam.

When you have new light bulbs installed, however, you still need to put your vehicle in front of a wall and get your headlights aimed properly.

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