Torchbeam HID Headlight Bulbs

If you are looking for quality HIDs as cheap as possible, we recommend paying attention to the product by Torchbeam. They are well-made, focus right and you will not blind the oncoming traffic with these HIDs installed. The problem with less expensive HID bulbs is improper focusing and different color temperatures in the two bulbs, so you can see the difference between the left and right sides. Luckily, out of 10 bulb sets that we have tested, all 10 kits had perfectly matching colors of bulbs. So, it’s fair to say, that Torchbeam bulbs really meet these criteria.

Torchbeam HID Headlight Bulbs

KEY FEATURES: clean white light, brightness, proper focusing

Wattage: 35W; 

Color temperature: 6.000K (white); 

Light output: clear white;

Lifespan: 5 years of service; 

Setup: xenon, bi-xenon.

As for the light bulb focusing, HIDs by Torchbeam focus pretty well and will not blind the oncoming traffic. Compared to the more expensive HIDs, Xenarc INTENSE NEXT Gen by Osram, there is one difference. The light ray formed by TorchBeam does not have that smooth border, as we can see in the beam pattern by Osram. Yet, the beam pattern is still precise enough to provide adequate illumination of the road ahead without blinding the oncoming traffic.

And here is another great tip for those, who plan on purchasing Torchbeam products. Quite often they have coupons available on Amazon that allow buying their light bulbs with 20-25% discounts. Plus, there is an additional discount of 5% if you purchase 2 items from them. When we were ordering HID bulb sets for the series of tests for this article, these discounts helped us save some money. This may be a great option for you as well.

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