Osram Xenarc Xenon HID Bulbs

If we were to select only one brand that we could recommend to all customers that need a set of quality HID bulbs, we’d advise purchasing Xenarc INTENSE NEXT Gen by Osram. It’s fair to say, that these light bulbs are not a budget-friendly option, as the price for the set of 2 is around $100. Yet the quality Osram offers is hard to compare with the other brands that claim to be premium as well, and have approximately the same prices for the set.

Osram Xenarc Xenon HID Bulbs

KEY FEATURES: quality materials and workmanship, very bright

Wattage: 35W; 

Color temperature: 5.300K (white); 

Brightness: +150% brighter, compared to halogen bulbs;

Comparison to OE HIDs: +15% brighter; 

Setup: xenon, bi-xenon

These light bulbs are available in both regular xenon and bi-xenon configurations (both for single and dual-beam HID headlights). If you compare the color temperature to the stock HIDs you have, you will find out, that the light is whiter, and the hint of blue is not that noticeable. In fact, this light color is exactly like the stock LEDs in newer vehicles. We feel that Osram offers this color for better visibility at night, as the light looks brighter than the one produced by the OE HIDs.

Another thing that is worth noting is the quality of these light bulbs. If you purchase a $20 HID light bulb and compare it to Osram, you will immediately see the difference in workmanship and materials, even without having to install the bulbs. Osram HIDs are extremely well-made and will last longer than the warranty claims.

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