DDM Saber ProX 55 Watt ACCU/V2 LED Kit

Having tested dozens of LED headlight bulbs in different projector headlights, we’ve managed to find an LED conversion kit that overperforms all other conversion kits. This is Saber X-55 by DDM Tuning. when you open the box with these LED headlight bulbs, you notice how well they are made in terms of materials.

Saber 55W ProX Accu/V2

KEY FEATURES: Excellent quality of the product (materials, workmanship), precise focusing.

Wattage: 55 Watts;

Color temperature: 5.650K (pure cool white);

Luminous flux: 9.800 Lm [per pair];

Lifespan: 50.000 hours;

2-year warranty.

The color temperature of these LED bulbs is claimed to be 5650K, while the actual color temperature appears to look like 5500K (that clear cool white color that works perfectly in any road conditions). This is our favorite color temperature because it does not have that shade of yellow some people do not like, and has no shade of blue, that steals some visibility. However, if you are a fan of yellowish or blueish light bulbs, you can pick either 6000K (blueish white) or 4500K (warm white). Besides, Saber X-55 LED light bulbs are available for reflectors and fog lights as well.

The reason why we have selected DDM Tuning LEDs as an absolute leader for projector headlights is the incredibly precise beam pattern with a strong hotspot. Plus, they provide even light rays to the max distance and focus light properly in the headlights that have a projector lens.

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