LED Bulbs for Dual-Beam Headlights

Dual-beam headlights are considered somewhat more complicated, than regular single-beam headlights. Let us see, what’s different between these two headlight types before we move to the bulbs that perform in these headlights.

In single-beam headlights, there are 2 separate bulbs: one for the low beam, and one for the high beam. Each bulb performs its function and works independently from the other bulb. In the dual-beam headlights, there is just one headlight bulb that performs the function of the high and low beam. There are different bulb sizes that these headlight types take, so you will not make a mistake when purchasing a set of bulbs for your headlights, as long as you know, what bulb sizes they take.

Philips Ultinion PRO: The Absolute Leader

Having tested dozens of LED headlight bulbs, we agreed that ULTINON PRO LED headlight bulbs by Philips are the ones that provide the most precise focusing and excellent beam pattern. Plus, we think that the color of the light these headlight bulbs provide is hard to compare with the others. By the way, we tested both ULTINON PRO9000, the new generation, and PRO5000 (1st generation of headlight bulbs by Philips).

Philips Ultinon PRO 9000

KEY FEATURES: Clean white light color, precise beam pattern

Voltage: 12V/24V;
Color temperature: 5.800K (clean neutral white);
Luminous flux: 10.000 Lm [per pair];
Lifespan: 50.000 hours;
Advanced cooling system.

Info: https://www.lighting.philips.com/main/home

The color output of these Philips LED bulbs is listed to be 5800K, but it looks like 5.000K, as this is pure white light. It has neither a yellowish nor blueish shadow; maybe that’s why these light bulbs are incredibly bright. The visibility they provide in the dual-beam headlights is hard to compare with the other aftermarket LED bulbs. Plus, the beam pattern is perfect in terms of focusing and light spots.

When installed into reflector dual-beam headlights, you will get +100% to your visibility, compared to the OE halogen bulbs. If you install Ultinion LED headlight bulbs into dual-beam projector headlights, the increase will be around +150% compared to stock light bulbs.

What else to expect in these headlights except the benefits we described above? These LED bulbs are extremely well-made. Yet, that’s quite normal for Philips products. We encourage you to be careful when selecting the bulb sizes, as Philips Ultinion PRO is available for headlights and fog lights. The bulbs are somewhat different, even if the packaging and bulb sizes are the same. Fog light bulbs feature less bright light and form slightly different light beams than headlight bulbs.

Top LED Bulbs for Dual Beam Headlights under $80

We absolutely love the way the new 2022 Auxito LED performs in the dual-beam headlights. So if the previous option seems a bit costly, there is another great option. Let us start with what’s different between the two. Philips light bulbs provide pure white light, while Auxito LEDs feature 6.500 K, which is a cool white with a slight shade of blue.

Based on the technical characteristics provided by the manufacturer, Auxito LED bulbs are equivalent to 120W per set, and the luminous flux for the pair is 24.000 Lm. This is 700% brighter than the regular headlight bulb. It is hard to calculate the actual percentage of brightness, in fact. Yet, we can tell for sure, that these bulbs form even beam of adequate pattern that ensure great visibility and do not produce dangerous glare that can potentially blind the oncoming traffic.

AUXITO Upgraded LED Headlight Bulbs

KEY FEATURES: Adequate focusing, 1:1 halogen design

Wattage: 120W;
Color temperature: 6.500K (cool white);
Luminous flux: 24.000 Lm [per pair];
Lifespan: 50.000 hours;
Non-polarity socket.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the design and size of LED bulbs. They are exactly the same, as regular halogen bulbs. What does it mean for you? You are getting the LEDs with the light chip positioned in the right place to focus properly. Besides, the rear part that contains a heat sink will not fit too tight into the headlight assembly, which is important for adequate air channeling, heat elimination, and installation.

Off-Road and Heavy-Duty LED Bulbs

Here is a set of LED headlight bulbs that will perform great in off-road conditions and will withstand extensive vibration, rapid temperature changes, moisture, and other factors. G-XPower LED bulbs are a recommended LED conversion kit when it comes to vehicles that often go off-road. Besides, they are extremely bright, with a luminous flux being 22.000 Lm per bulb.


KEY FEATURES: Heavy-duty materials, extreme brightness, advanced cooling

Wattage: 120W;
Color temperature: 6.500K (cool white);
Luminous flux: 22.000 Lm [per pair];
Lifespan: 50.000 hours;
Advanced cooling system.

For extra durability, G-XPower LED bulbs feature an aviation-grade aluminum base. What does it mean for you? Your LEDs will never rust or corrode. Plus, this material is lightweight and quickly eliminates heat. Besides, these light bulbs come equipped with temperature control chips, that enhance easy and effective heat elimination.

The light bulb itself is equipped with an innovative G-XP LED chip, that produces bright light of high optical density. Due to proper positioning and dimensions that are extremely close to the ones regular LEDs have, these Beamtech headlight bulbs feature an upscale light-gathering effect without producing that dangerous glare.

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