DMEX Xenon Headlight HID Bulbs

There are so many goods HID bulbs available online, yet sometimes it may be quite difficult to pick just one set, because the bulbs seem very similar in terms of design, specifications, etc. That’s why we have picked the leader in the mid-segment, DMEX HID. On average, a set of 2 HID bulbs for OE HID headlights will normally cost between $50 and $100, yet there are more expensive options Philips CrystalVision.

So what makes HID light bulbs by DMEX so special? The first thing that we noticed right after we installed several kits on three different vehicles is the perfect color pattern of the bulbs. In the cheaper and less quality light bulb sets you will notice, that quite often one bulb is whiter or more blueish, than the second one. With DMEX, the colors are exactly the same. We like the clean white light produced by the HIDs marked as 6000K. In fact, this light color is close to the one produced by the factory LED headlight bulbs. It does not have that vivid shade of blue, which steals visibility.

DMEX Xenon Headlight HID Bulbs

KEY FEATURES: clean white light, brightness, proper focusing

Wattage: 35W; 

Color temperature: 6.000K (white); 

Brightness: 3.800 Lm;

Comparison to OE HIDs: +15% brighter; 

Setup: xenon, bi-xenon.

The other thing that we have to note about these bulbs is the quality of the materials and the way these bulbs are made. When you take a bulb and compare it with a cheaper one, you will notice, that the base is attached to the bulb the right way and there will be no problem with this part separating with time. Besides, these bulbs focus well on the headlights designed for OE xenon bulbs.

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