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If you consider replacing the factory headlight bulbs of your car, truck or SUV, consider quality LED lighting solutions by Nineo LED. These LED bulbs generate clear white light without a shade of blue or yellow. Nineo LED bulbs generate around 6.500 lumens of light, and the color temperature is 6.000 K.

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Numerous independent lighting tests have proven, that LED bulbs by Nineo produce 5 times more light, than an average LED bulb. On average, a set of these LED bulbs is guaranteed to last over 30.000 hours, which is significantly more, than any other halogen, incandescent or HID (xenon) bulb. Check out official information about Nineo LED bulbs for more details!

10 Good reasons to buy Nineo LED bulbs

  • Affordable prices ($23.00 and up);
  • Operating time is over 30.000 hours;
  • LEDs are compatible with the majority of US-built vehicles;
  • Nineo products will not blind the oncoming traffic when adjusted properly;
  • Water and dust resistance (IP65);
  • Nineo LEDs employ CREE light source or CSP LED elements (depends on the type of bulb you select);
  • Bulbs for high, low beams, and fog lights are available;
  • Easily focus in the projector and/or reflector headlight assemblies;
  • Work in OEM and aftermarket headlights;
  • Easy plug-and-play installation.

Nineo LED headlights: options & comparison

There are 3 popular headlight bulb options offered by Nineo LED at the moment. These 3 product options feature excellent quality and meet the DOT standards for headlight bulbs. Regardless of the LED conversion kit, you select, you will enjoy bright and pure light for years to come.

Each headlight conversion kit you purchase from an authorized Nineo dealer or Amazon is backed up by the official manufacturer’s warranty. Though, if you want to find out what the exact differences are, check out the table below to see, what’s different about these kits.

NameTop CSPCREE LEDGeneration II (CREE)
Max light output4800 lm per bulb5000 lm per bulb6000 lm per bulb
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
CAN bus modulesold separatelysold separatelysold separately
Cooling unitcoverless fansaluminum heat sinkaluminum heat sink
Price rangeMost AffordableMiddle PriceAbove average
DetailsCheck detailsCheck detailsCheck details

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LED Convertion Kits by Nineo



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