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There is a variety of great headlight LED bulbs available on the market, and Nineo is proudly one of the leading brands. Numerous reputable automotive blogs and magazines, like CarBibles, CarOutfitter, theDrive, etc. list Nineo LEDs in the lists of the best conversion kits they’ve tested. Besides, there are so many YouTube reviews of Nineo LED bulbs in different vehicles.

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We know, that there are many reasons, why American car owners select Nineo. These LED conversion kits perform much longer than any bulbs with glass filament (incandescent, halogen, HID). As a result, you are getting a set of bulbs that are guaranteed to perform over 30.000 hours. This means, that you will not have to deal with replacing headlight bulbs once a year right after you pick these LED bulbs. Nineo will help you save not only money but also time!

Nineo LED bulb types

Nineo officially offers 3 types of headlight bulbs on the U.S. and Canada markets. So, you are welcome to select within 3 types of LED bulbs Nineo offers:

  1. CREE chip LED bulbs (fit low beams, high beams, and fog lights);
  2. CREE chip LEDs Generation II (fit low beams, high beams, and fog lights);
  3. CSP chip LED bulbs (are recommended for fog lights).

This pretty much limits choice but also makes the shopping process easier. All these LED bulb types differ not only in price but also in technologies the manufacturer uses. See the chart below to understand the key features of each type of Nineo LED bulbs.

Generation II (CREE)CREE chip LED bulbsLSP chip LED bulbs
This is the top LED headlight bulb by NineoThis is a popular LED headlight bulb by NineoThe most affordable Nineo LED headlight bulb
Recommended for high/low beams and fog lightsRecommended for high/low beams and fog lightsRecommended for usage in fog lights
LEDs use customized CREE chipsLEDs use customized CREE chipsEach bulb has 6 LSP LED chips
Brightness: 6000 Lm per bulbBrightness: 5000 Lm per bulbBrightness: 4800 Lm per bulb
Color temperature: 6000 KColor temperature: 6000 KColor temperature: 6500 K
Adjustable adapter designAdjustable adapter designBright natural light
360 degree uniform light360 degree uniform lightIncreased light density
Advanced bearing cooling fan designCoverless cooling fan designAluminum alloy heat sink
Plug-and-play installationPlug-and-play installationPlug-and-play installation
DOT certifiedDOT certifiedDOT certified
1-year warranty1-year warranty1-year warranty

Nineo LED technology: Things to Know

Despite different specifications of Nineo LED bulbs, there are certain things that are common for all LED solutions by Nineo. If you are looking for a quality, lasting and reliable LED headlight solution for your car, truck or SUV and consider several brands, this information will help you to make a decision.

  • Nineo backs up LED headlight bulbs with 2-year warranty;
  • All Nineo LED bulbs are 220%+ brighter, compared to the incandescent or halogen bulbs;
  • Nineo LEDs for high and low beams feature adjustable beam pattern;
  • All Nineo LED headlight bulbs do not produce that dangerous glare;
  • Nineo LED headlight/fog light bulbs are sold in pairs;
  • LED drivers are included in the package;
  • LED load resistors may be required in certain cases and are sold separately.

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