Nineo CSP Chip LED Fog Light Bulbs

January 27, 2023

If you plan on upgrading the fog lights of your car, truck or SUV with quality LED bulbs in a cost-effective way, consider CSP chip LED fog light bulbs by Nineo. Many car blogs and magazines have noted, that Nineo LED fog light bulbs are one of the best ones you can buy from eBay or Amazon.

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These bulbs are available in 3 bulb sizes and will work with the H1, H3 and H10 fog light housings. 

Technical characteristics

  • Available bulb sizes: H1, H3, H10;
  • Top light output: 4800 Lm per bulb;
  • Each bulb has got 6 LED chips, 800 Lumen each; 
  • +500% brighter, than your average fog light bulbs; 
  • Backed up with limited 1-year warranty;
  • Advanced cooling due to aluminum alloy construction;
  • May require additional LED load resistors (sold separately).

LED bulb sizes

If you are willing to benefit from brighter fog lights at night and enjoy lasting service, consider an LED kit by Nineo. Advanced CSP LED technology used by Nineo does not produce that dangerous glare. These LED bulbs properly align in both reflector and projector-style fog light assemblies. 

Nineo makes LED bulbs that will work right in the majority of US-built cars, trucks, and SUVs. They are compatible with the OEM and aftermarket fog lights, as long as you select the right bulb size for your assemblies. Below is the bub size chart of Nineo LEDs for your reference. If you are not sure what bulb size is required for your vehicle, check this bulb size tool to make sure you get the LEDs that will fit properly. If you plan on installing the LEDs into aftermarket lights, check the bulb size in the installation manual or at the backside of your fog lights. 

Note, that newer vehicles may require the installation of an extra LED load resistor for error-free operation. Such resistors are sold separately. Even though Nineo LEDs are 100% compatible with 95% of newer US-built vehicles, there is still a chance you may need an extra resistor to make your LEDs work without errors. 

Features & Details

  • Nineo LED fog light bulbs feature upscale LED CSP chips;
  • Light output is 6500 K which is cool white;
  • 320 degree beam angle;
  • Error-free operation in the majority of the US-built vehicles;
  • No dark spots with Nineo LED bulbs;
  • Up to 300% brighter, than halogen or incandescent bulbs;
  • Made of 6063 aviation aluminum that will not rust or corrode;
  • Strong heat dissipation; 
  • Lasts up to 50.000 hours;
  • IP67 waterproof rating;
  • Comfortable color temperature. These bulbs produce natural white light without the shade of yellow that is somewhat old-fashioned, or tint of blue, which makes the light not bright enough. 
  • As durable as 12 halogen bulbs. On average, 1 halogen bulb works not more than 1.600 – 2.000 hours. Nineo LED bulbs are guaranteed to last 30.000 – 50.000 hours. These bulbs do not have fragile glass components, so easily withstand vibration, temperature changes, and moisture. 
  • Advanced cooling system. Nineo equips its LED bulbs with an advanced cooling system that is made of a coverless fan with a bearing. Such combination is lasting, durable and noiseless.

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LED Convertion Kits by Nineo


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