Anzo USA Headlights

Anzo USA is one of the most popular manufacturers of custom headlights, tail lights and auxiliary lights for cars, trucks and SUVs. The majority of lighting solutions by Anzo feature plug-and-play installation, however there are cases when you will need to deal with basic wiring processes. When shopping for Anzo lighting for your vehicle, make sure to select the right product for the specific year, make and model.


Anzo USA Headlights

Also, always pay attention to fitment notes to make sure you are getting the lights that will focus right. For instance, if your vehicle comes equipped with factory LED or HID bulbs, make sure the description says that the headlights are compatible with them.

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Anzo USA Headlights


Anzo USA Headlight Types

With a variety of headlight types, design options, and different lighting sources available these days, Anzo uses multiple approaches and technologies to meet the needs and expectations of American car owners. Here is the list of the most popular headlights by Anzo with explanations.

  • Anzo Euro headlights are aftermarket headlights that resemble the stock lights in shape and design. These lights are shipped to the customers without bulbs, as they are designed to work with the original bulbs.
  • U-Bar headlights by Anzo feature a built-in U-shaped LED accent. The lineup by Anzo is available with black or chrome-plated housing and with a clear or tinted (smoked) exterior lens.
  • Plank Style headlights by Anzo feature horizontal LED strips that highlight the shape of the bottom part of the lights. Plank-style headlights are available in black, chrome, and smoke versions.
  • LED headlights by Anzo feature different variants of designs, and differ greatly depending on the year, make and model they are made for. The key feature of Anzo LED headlights is LED accents.
  • Anzo Halo headlights feature one or 2 built-in halo rings. These lights are available with a chrome or black background and a clear or tinted lens. Anzo offers its lights with both LED and CCFL halos. The type of halos is specified for every halo set.
  • Anzo Switchback headlights feature accents that normally operate as DRLs and glow white. But when you turn on your turn signal, these accents turn amber and flash like a turn signal.
  • Anzo Sequential headlight feature a built-in LED strip in each headlight. This strip operates as a turn signal which moves, as the number of LEDs that glow changes, which looks like the strip moves along the headlight.
  • Sealed Beam headlights by Anzo, as well as the sealed headlights by the other brands, are headlight housing with built-in bulbs. One cannot disassemble these lights to remove or replace the bulb.

Anzo Lighting Products

Other than headlights, Anzo offers a variety of other automotive lighting products for the most popular vehicle applications in the U.S. Here are some of them:

  • Taillights;
  • 3rd brake lights;
  • Turn signals;
  • Universal off-road lights;
  • LED bars for off-road trucks;
  • Fog lights;
  • Mirror turn signals;
  • Side markers;
  • and more!

Anzo Lighting Products

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Anzo USA Headlights


Anzo Manufacturing & Design

To comply with the needs and requirements of the modern aftermarket, Anzo uses numerous tools and technologies to design and manufacture products, that will meet the expectations and requirements of the buyers and supervising authorities. Here is how specialists at Anzo work on the aftermarket lighting solutions for the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs in America.

1. Design stage
For OE-style parts, Anzo USA uses reverse engineering to get the parameters needed to run CAD.For custom-style aftermarket parts, Anzo USA uses the pre-specified parameters designed by qualified in-house engineers along with certain parameters obtained from reverse engineering to run CAD.
When the parameters are obtained and verified, Anzo runs CAD with further photometric (optical) simulation. Next, they conduct mold flow analysis. Next, they create an RP model in order to test its fit on a real car. If the test is OK, Anzo moves the manufacturing process to the mold develop stage.
2. Mold Develop Stage
CAM CNC file transfer. This means transfer of the design file to the format that can be recognized by the CNC machine.Once CNC machine receives the design file, it starts running in order to develop the mold.
3. Environmental Test Stage
Anzo runs a series of in-house tests required to pass the SAE test and make sure the products meet CAPA requirements. The test includes the following stages:

- Bulb spec inspection;
- LED static test (for lights equipped with LEDs);
- Abrasion test;
- Humidity dissipation test;
- Rain test;
- Vibration test;
- Salt spray test;
- Temperature test;
- Dust test;
- Electricity and wiring Test
- Package test.
4. Photometric Test Stage
The aim of photometric stage is to assure quality light output of the headlights designed by Anzo. Using photometric equipment, Anzo performs official photometric tests and issues a report for E-Mark and CAPA. The main aim of the test is to check the compliance of luminance (cd or lux) and saturation to adjust the function of each light.
5. Production Stage
Once the newly designed headlight assembly passes all the tests successfully, it is approved for series production. The production consists of several steps and includes operation of multiple mechanisms to manufacture quality headlights, tail lights and auxiliary lighting for the most popular vehicle applications in America.
Injection machineForms and molds the parts for further assembly.
Polycarbonate coatingHardens the headlight shell with protective layer that prevents it from fading, UV and mechanical damages.
Tempering machineRelieves the machine stress within the plastic parts of a headlight.
Gluing machineUses programmable machine that does gluing job to combine parts of the light assembly
Photometric testEnsures the fact, that the lamp meets CD requirements and allow certain adjustments if needed.
Optical axis testEach assembly passes this test to make sure the light focuses properly.

Anzo Fog Lights: Overview

Anzo is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket lighting in the U.S., so they offer not only headlights but also custom fog lights for the most popular makes and models. In their selection, Anzo has a variety of styles and designs of fog lights. The simplest fog lights feature the same design as stock fog lights.

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Anzo Fog Lights


When marked as ‘euro’ in the product description, fog lights do not have the bulbs in the kit and are supposed to be used with the OE bulbs. Projector fog lights feature a built-in projector lens in each fog light. It ensures precise focusing. Though, it is a must to adjust the fog lights properly to benefit from them in rainy or foggy weather.

How to adjust Anzo halo headlights?

Anzo strongly recommends adjusting headlights once they are installed on the vehicle. It’s fair to say, that all aftermarket headlights are adjusted the same way. Each light assembly has got adjustment screws at the back. The light direction is adjusted by rotating these screws. Check out this instruction to better understand, what the adjustment process is like.

certified mechanic at Halo HeadlightsSteven is a certified mechanic and technical writer at Halo Headlights. Steven is excited about fast cars, loud music, and car mods. On yearly basis, he visits SEMA, as well as other car shows. He has installed thousands of HID and LED kits and done hundreds of custom headlight retrofit projects. Now, he is ready to share his experience with readers. If you have questions for Steven, just ask your question using the form.

Anzo Headlights Reviews

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Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Larry
Location (Sity, State): WA
Vehicle: Chevy Silverado

Bought a set of U halo head lights for almost $500, they came with a year warranty and 1 month into having them in my truck one of the light bulbs had gone out already. Then literally 1 year and 6 days after I had purchased the set the U halo on the right light went out so I call them up to see about getting a new bulb and come to find out that the U light is not replaceable and you must purchase a new set but the customer service agent told me that since it is right after the warranty is up he would be able to get me at least a replacement for the one side. So, I got the light replaced, now everything works fine.

 by L.Riddick
Location (Sity, State): Charleston, SC
Vehicle: Ford F150

Bought headlights, not happy with product as they were to dim to drive with at night. Tried to put LED bulbs but hole diameter was much to small. Had to buy Sylvania light bulbs instead.

 by Dan S
Location (Sity, State): San Antonio, TX
Vehicle: Ford F-250

I installed U-Bar headlights on my F-150 truck and totally like the way they look. They are very different from all stock and aftermarket headlights I've seen so far!


Questions & Answers

4 Comments to “ Anzo USA Headlights”

  1. rick gedeon says :Reply

    Purchased Anzo headlights (121166). Body shop lost install instructions. Halo wiring not connected, they are not aimed properly. Need how to wire power to help plus where the adjusters are to aim them. I will aim,

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Rick, those are headlights for the 2005-2009 Mustang, right?

      I must say, all Anzo headlights are installed and aimed pretty much the same. However, we’ve got great instruction for these particular headlights. See the information here. I will share the complete instruction, just in case someone needs the full installation sheet.

  2. Carl D. High says :Reply

    As an avid car enthusiast, I always keep an eye out for the latest and greatest car accessories to upgrade my vehicle. Recently, I came across the AnzoUSA (111288) Headlight and decided to give it a try. Overall, my experience with these headlights has been positive, but not without its faults.

    The installation process was relatively straightforward, and the headlights looked great on my car. However, I quickly realized that the headlights were not made for LED bulbs and only came with halogen bulbs, which weren’t the best quality. I decided to invest in HIDs, which gave me the brightness and clarity I was looking for.

    One issue I had with the Anzo headlights was that the projectors weren’t top-notch. The line wasn’t as crisp and clean as I would have liked, and I noticed discoloration on the top of the uneven line. To solve this problem, I found a company that would install Morimoto projectors, which resulted in much better lighting.

    Another issue was with moisture buildup inside the headlights after only four days of installation. One headlight had moisture the next day, and the other one took four days to disappear. I also noticed electrical wire clippings inside one of the headlights, which I could see from the front. These issues were concerning, but I was able to order replacement parts and hope to get a better outcome.

    Overall, I like the AnzoUSA (111288) Headlight and its sleek design. However, I wish the headlights were made with LED bulbs in mind and had better projectors. Additionally, I had some quality control issues with moisture buildup and electrical wire clippings inside the headlight. Despite these issues, I still love the way these headlights look and perform, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to resolve the issues with the replacement

  3. Mark B. Yarbrough says :Reply

    As a truck owner, I bought Anzo headlights and I must admit that they look really great on my vehicle. Although some people say that they don’t shine as bright as the stock headlights, I haven’t seen those other trucks to have an opinion on that, but in my case, they are much brighter than my stock headlights and are way more focused with projector lights. However, my problem is with Anzo, as the first set of lights they sent me had this weird white substance on the edges of the lights, and one of the housings had a hole broken into it in the back of the light, which could cause moisture problems. So, I returned that set and they sent me a new one. On this new set, the driver-side light bulbs were out of focus because of a problem in the back. The only way I could get it re-attached was to gorilla glue it together. Although I didn’t want to hassle with it twice, I still had to return it again. Overall, I think I will never buy another set of Anzo lights again unless their reputation gets better.

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