Halo Fog Lights

Halo fog lights is a great alternative for those, who haven’t got fog lights from the factory or those, who have got regular stock fog lights on their car or truck. Halo fog lights may come equipped with either projector or reflector housing. If you are seeking for fog lights with projector beam, you should look for halo projector fog lights. They fit the right way into your stock housing and feature a projector lens and a halo ring around it.

halo fog lights

Quite often the car owners set up the halo ring of their fog kit to DRLs. So, as they turn their ignition on, the halo rings in fog lights light up. As an option, these halo rings may be wired up anywhere, even to the turn signals. Usually, halo fog lights come equipped with everything needed to be installed into the vehicle, that’s pre-wired for fog lights. So, they are a replacement to the factory fog lights. If your vehicle hasn’t got fog lights from the factory, you will need to order a switch and some additional wiring separately.


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Halo fog lights may come either with the reflector housing, or with a projector lens. Halo projector fog lights are more popular, though. And those two types of halo fogs are for you to choose among, if you want to get descent beam. Our recommendation is to pick a set of white or yellow bulbs for the kit, as these two give the best visibility on the road. Bluish light looks great, yet is not that functional. Also, there are accessory fog lights with built-in LEDs. They look good, but are not functional.

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Halo Fog Lights
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 by Mike
Location (Sity, State): CA
Vehicle: 2010 Chevy Silverado

I ordered aftermarket fogs after I had to replace some front fascia parts after an accident. I picked projector lights, and I used to have just regular reflectors. I like how they work and focus, and even with the regular halogen bulbs they perform way better, than the stock fogs. They're definitely a good combination of price and quality. The only minus is Spyder fog light bulbs, you have to replace them with something like Philips or Sylvania right away.

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2 Comments to “ Halo Fog Lights”

  1. Eugene says :Reply

    Can I wire halo fog lights if I have got regular reflector fogs on my truck?

    1. Steven Davis says :Reply

      Hi, sure you can. Just pick the right assembly that will fit your exact year, make and model and installation will be pretty much plug and play. The wires from the halos are usually hooked to parking lights. That’s how it works.

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