How to Adjust Fog Lights

Fog lights serve specific function. They are to provide better visibility on road during foggy weather. When they are not adjusted right, you will see nothing but fog even with the fog lights on. That’s why to ensure proper light output and functionality of regular or halo fog lights they need to be adjusted properly.

How to Adjust Fog Lights

If the light is aiming everywhere or close to the headlights direction, you are unlikely to get better visibility on the road. When the fog lights are not aimed properly, you are also likely to blind the oncoming drivers.

How to mount halo fog lights

As any other fog lights, halo fogs are normally mounted on the lower half of the vehicle’s front fascia. Usually, there are special cutouts on the bumper for the fog lights. The golden rule of fog lights installation says that the perfect fog light setup is between 10 and 24inches above the ground. That’s because fog usually starts about 2 feet above the ground.

How to mount halo fog lights

When the fog lights are directed higher than that level, they will reflect the fog and will not work the right way. If you are not sure of the right fog lights direction, it’s always better to go with the lower beam position rather than higher. So, if your fog lights are mounted under the fog, you will see the road, not fog.

How to aim halo fog lights

When the fog lights are mounted in the right spot, they have to be aimed properly to be useful in foggy weather. The process of fog lights adjustment is similar to the way you adjust headlights. You will need a tape to measure the distance to make sure the fogs will work right. You will also need flat surface to park the vehicle and wall that will be 25 ft away. Also you will need around an hour to adjust headlights, though the time needed may vary depending on the fog lights setup and vehicle specs.

What do you need to adjust fog lights?

  • Measuring tape;
  • Marking tape;
  • Flat parking space;
  • Plain wall;
  • Around an hour.

What do you need to adjust fog lights


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Fog lights adjustment process: step-by-step instruction

  1. Park the vehicle 25 feet away against a wall on flat surface.
  2. Measure the distance between the vehicle and the wall.
  3. Turn on fog lights.
  4. Measure from the fog lights center to the ground.
  5. Mark the exact height of the light on the wall (use the marking tape).
  6. Adjust the fog lights so that they face about 4 inches lower, than the marks.

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