Spec-D Headlights

Headlights by Spec-D are extremely popular among the car enthusiasts in the USA and Canada. This is one of the most popular headlight manufacturers in the North America. This manufacturer offers custom lighting solutions for the most popular vehicle applications in these areas. If you are wondering, whether Spec-D has got headlights, tail lights or fog lights for your vehicle, most likely they do.


Aftermarket headlights by Spec-D are available in a wide range of color and design options. So if you are looking for a cost-effective lighting solution for your car or truck, you can consider Spec-D.

Spec-D headlights: design and configuration

Spec-D offers several headlight design options to meet needs and expectations of the American drivers. They are available with tinted or clear lenses and with chrome or black housing. Combination of these elements allows Spec-D to create a fully custom or OE-style headlight assembly for the major vehicle applications. Except of the plastic parts, Spec-D headlights are available with different accessory lighting solutions. Here are some of the accessory lighting this manufacturer uses in their headlights development:

  • LED accents;
  • LED strips;
  • LED halo rings;
  • CCFL halo rings;
  • U-bars.



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Spec-D Headlights: Features and Specs

There are different SPEC-D headlight applications. See the Spec-D headlights comparison chart below

Lens colorcleartinted
Focusing typeprojector lensreflector
AccentsLEDincandescent bulbs
Halo ringsLEDCCFL
Turn signalsincandescent bulbplasma switchback
Assembly typesealed beamsplittable assembly
Exterior lensplasticpolycarbonate



Spec-D Projector Headlights

Many of the Spec-D headlights feature a built-in projector lens for the low beam. Such headlights are called projector headlight. If they come equipped with the halo rings, they are listed as halo projector headlights. Spec-D headlights focus the light coming from the bulb, which acts as a light source. If that is the headlight type you are interested in, make sure you use the right bulb type to ensure proper visibility on road and safe drive.

If your vehicle features factory HID bulbs, make sure the aftermarket Spec-D headlight description says the lights are designed for the HIDs. Otherwise, you risk getting that dangerous glare and poor visibility at night. Spec-D headlights that are not noted as the ones to work with HID (xenon) bulbs are designed to work with the halogen bulbs of the pre-specified bulb size, that usually does not correspond with the OE bulb size.



Spec-D Halo Headlights

Installation of halo headlights is a cost-effective way to customize the front fascia of any vehicle, so no wonder, that Spec-D halo headlights are that popular among American car owners. Spec-D employs 2 main angel eyes technologies in their products: CCFL and LED halos. Some headlights feature 2 built-in halo rings, some feature only one halo per headlight assembly. Both technologies ensure lasting service and custom look, yet CCFL angel eyes give more moderate glow, while LEDs are way brighter. Halo headlights by Spec-D are available in 3 major design options:

  1. Black Spec-D halo projector headlights feature black housing and clear lens;
  2. Chrome Spec-D halo headlights feature chrome-plated plastic housing and clear lens;
  3. Smoke Spec-D halo headlights have got chrome background and tinted lens.



Spec-D Fog Lights: Overview

Spec-D is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket lighting in the U.S., so they offer not only headlights, but also custom fog lights for the most popular makes and models. In their selection, Spec-D has a variety of styles and designs of fog lights. The simplest fog lights feature the same design as stock fog lights. When marked as ‘euro’ in the product description, fog lights do not have the bulbs in the kit and are supposed to be used with the OE bulbs. Projector fog lights feature a built-in projector lens in each fog light. It ensures precise focusing. Though, it is a must to adjust the fog lights properly to benefit from them in rainy or foggy weather.

How to adjust Spec-D halo headlights?

Spec-D strongly recommends adjusting headlights once they are installed on the vehicle. It’s fair to say, that all aftermarket headlights are adjusted the same way. Each light assembly has got adjustment screws at the back. The light direction is adjusted by rotating these screws.

How to adjust Spec-D halo headlights

certified mechanic at Halo HeadlightsSteven is a certified mechanic and technical writer at Halo Headlights. Steven is excited about fast cars, loud music and car mods. On yearly basis he visits SEMA, as well as other car shows. He has installed thousands of HID and LED kits and did hundreds of custom headlight retrofit projects. Now, he is ready to share his experience with HaloHeadlights.com readers. If you have questions to Steven, just ask your question using the form.

Spec-D Headlights Reviews

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Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Todd on Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Farmington, NM
Vehicle: 2006 xterra

Would be nice if the instructions gave you the adjustment screw layout. Trial and error sucks. Diagrams make it easy.

by Dorothea D. Torres on Headlights
Location (Sity, State): St Gabriel, LA
Vehicle: Chevrolet Silverado

Spec-D headlights are pretty much okay, yet I didn't like that they do not include bulbs along with the headlights. That's why I'm giving them 4 stars. Cheers!

by Martha E. Dunbar on Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Atlanta, GA
Vehicle: 1998 BMW 320

After headlights of my BMW faded and cracked, I had to think of the new headlight set. BMW dealership wanted something around $1.5K for ONE headlight, so I decided that I do not feel I want to spend that much and ordered Spec-Ds (they were around $350). They look cool and they've been on my BMW for around a year, and everything's fine.

by Alfredo K. Gupta on Headlights
Location (Sity, State): Shelbyville, TN
Vehicle: Ford F-150

I like my Spec-D lights for the F-150. They look great and are cheaper than the OE headlights.

Questions & Answers

  1. Avatar Jerald Blake says : Reply

    I am considering purchasing spec D lights for a 2008 Impala but notice that there is only one light source I also want the HID kit and don’t want to lose my high beams will the H4 work with spec d headlights

    1. Steven Davis Steven Davis says : Reply

      The bulb size depends on the particular headlight model you are looking at. In general, Spec-D does not recommend installing HID kits into their headlights, as HID bulbs are longer, than the regular halogen bulbs, even if you pick the right bulb size. So most likely they will not focus right. However, this rule works for all aftermarket headlights that come with the pre-installed halogen bulbs (IPCW, Spyder, Recon, etc). As for the high and low beam functions, you can keep both if you pick a dual beam HID bulb.

  2. Avatar Joseph Ross says : Reply

    How to adjust high beam on spec d projector light on 4 gen eclipse

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Joseph,
      Please refer to the instruction above. It is generic and works for any Spec-D headlights, regardless of the vehicle.

  3. Avatar Elvin Unger says : Reply

    How can one tell if the lens on halo headlights are plastic or polycarbonate or plasti?

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Elvin,
      All new Spec-D halo headlights have polycarbonate lenses. Some older models used to come with plastic lenses, though.

  4. Avatar Ed J says : Reply

    Mr. Davis if you are still monitoring this site, I have a 2007 Ford Edge that naturally has two head light bulb per assy….. low/high beams are separate. My question is with the Spec-D light that is 2LHP-EDG07 JM-TM which is suppose to be a replacement what is the bulb for the projector that I assume runs as both high & low beam? Is it a seal unit? I can’t find out were those spec’s are.
    thank you in advance Steven, Ed J

    1. Susan Andrews Susan Andrews says : Reply

      Hey Steven,
      Aftermarket headlights normally require new bulbs, as the bulb size differs from what you have in your stock headlights. These Spec-D headlights take H11 bulbs, which are dual-beam (high/low). It is not a sealed beam, you just need a bulb like this one (Philips H11, on Amazon https://amzn.to/2nq0AfW). You can select any brand, Sylvania, Osram, Philips… Just try to avoid those no-name brands, you know, not all of them are good.
      Hope this helps!

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