How to Adjust Aftermarket Projector Headlights

It is a must to adjust your aftermarket headlights once you install them. This way you will set up proper beams, which means adequate visibility at night. This is something you can do by yourself if you have basic technical skills and very basic tools in your garage.

adjust halo headlights

Here is a list of tools you will need:

  • Measure tape;
  • Masking tape;
  • Screwdriver.

Headlight adjustment basics

Based on the headlight design, the aftermarket headlights may feature screws, knobs or fittings to adjust the headlight beams horizontally and vertically. Yet in general, the setup is pretty much similar. Once you have the lights installed and all the tools handy, you are ready to start the headlights adjustment process.


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Aftermarket lights adjustment: Preparation

First, you need to find a wall and park against it on flat space. When the vehicle is parked 25 ft away from the wall, you will need to measure 3.5 ft up on the wall. When done, mark this place. You will actually need to do 2 marks with tape (one should go horizontally, and second one – across). The width of the horizontal mark should be equal to the length of the vehicle.

Aftermarket lights adjustment

Halo lights adjustment process

Now, it’s time to adjust the headlights. Keep rotating the adjusters/screws at the back of the headlight until they focus right in the middle of the ‘cross’ you’ve got on the wall. Next, you will need to do the same with the other headlight. And even though this project is something that can be done by your own, you may want to take the vehicle to the shop to have your new halo projector headlights adjusted.

Halo lights adjustment process

More about halo headlights: What are Halo Projector Headlights?

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Aftermarket Projector Headlights Reviews

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Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Frank Johnes
Location (Sity, State): SC
Vehicle: Toyota Sienna

I totally like my aftermarket lights. I had to buy them as my original one cracked, so I picked an aftermarket set because of the price. It is no worse than stock, and looks nice. I have a set by CG I believe.

Questions & Answers

5 Comments to “ How to Adjust Aftermarket Projector Headlights”

  1. colin hussey says :Reply

    I bought after market Halo lights and had a professional auto mechanic shop install them on my 15 Chevy cruze. The mechanic did a great job. when I got home in the evening the beam was not correct. The next day took it back, half hour later they were done. that evening I noticed the pattern was off looked like steps. What happened?
    is this the bulbs? hope you can give me some answers thanks. These are basic bulb no led.

  2. Susan Andrews says :Reply

    Hi Colin. Note, that aftermarket halo lights differ from the stock lights in terms of adjustment. There is a couple of easy steps that you or your mechanic should follow to adjust the aftermarket lights. Just refer to this article. Hope this helps!

  3. Roger Holcomb says :Reply

    I would like to get that article myself. Can’t even get to the adjustments, and at least the passenger side headlight is way off.

  4. David Gibson says :Reply

    I have a Spec D projector headlight on my Ram truck but am having problems getting the reflector high beam to align.
    It has 3 screws on the back that are attached to the top left top right & bottom.
    My left beam is a mess but my right is focused.
    If I adjust all 3 equally (thus not altering the beam direction but moving the whole unit closer / further away from the front glass) will this have the effect of altering the focus of the beam?

  5. Francisco Reyna says :Reply

    Hello I’m Francisco from Houston recently I installed a spyder brand n my Silverado 2008 and I don’t understand how make the low beam adjustment for move to the sides , it only have a round metal botón adjustment besides the hole for the light , it move with cross screwdriver the light to up or bottom only , how I can move for the sides each light? The high beam come with two adjustment to the sides of the light hole .
    Thank you

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