What are Halo Projector Headlights?

Technically, halo projector lights are headlights that feature a projector (at least for the low beam) and have accessory halo rings. Of course, there are many design options and technical configurations for the halo lights. However, any lights that feature these two can be called halo projector lights. Some manufacturers install 1, 2, or even 3halo rings into the light. Some halo projector lights feature a reflector housing for high beam and a projector lens for the low beam, and some have lenses for both high and low beams.

what are halo projector headlights

Halo headlights: halo ring specs

Halo rings also can be of different types. Originally, halo headlights were equipped with the CCFL halo rings. Just recollect older BMWs with angel eyes, that’s exactly what the first halo lights were about. CCFL is a glass round tube with gas inside, and that is the gas which glows. Later on, there appeared halo lights with LED halo rings. This type of halo is somewhat different from CCFLs, as it has numerous tiny LEDs all over the surface. With time, manufacturers introduced different colors of halo rings, and now they are even available with the color-changing modules which allow setting the color with a remote controller or by means of an application that you can install into your cell or tab.


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Bulb options for halo headlights

There are different setup options of halo projector headlights. There are lights, developed to work with halogen bulbs, and that’s how the majority of halo lights work. Also, there are halo lights, developed to work with factory HIDs. It is important not to confuse these two, as that’s important to gain proper light output at night. Halo projector lights are made with a specific focus, and due to the fact, that an HID bulb is longer, than halogen or LED, it’s not recommended to use a halogen halo headlight assembly with HID bulbs.

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Halo Projector Headlights Reviews

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Halo Projector Headlights
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 by Carl Ferris
Location (Sity, State): New York
Vehicle: Audi A6

I liked headlights of my Audi when they were new, but with time they faded and became yellowish. I bought new halo lights, because OEs are too expensive. I like the price and look of the new lights so far (6 months).

Questions & Answers

3 Comments to “ What are Halo Projector Headlights?”

  1. Ken says :Reply

    I have a 2017 Honda ex; is there a halo light system available for my car? Also I saw on tv a car with a halo light that also acted as a turn signal. Is there a system like that for my Honda?

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Ken,

      Looks like the only way to install halo rings is getting just the universal halos and installing them into your factory headlights. The function that you’ve seen in that video means that they’ve installed switchback halos like these ones by Diode Dynamics.
      If you like these halos, you can measure your headlight assemblies to see, if they will fit. Here is the link to the installation instruction (pdf, you can download it if you need it).
      Hope this helps!

  2. Ben says :Reply

    Hi Susan,

    I’m looking for an Headlight for a motocycle with turn light integrated. I saw something you made in several custom build but can’t find a retailer with the proper one, can you tell me where to find one within the EU ? The name of the product was something like Halo Mini 50W Full LED.
    Thanks !


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