CCFL vs Halo Headlights: Comparison

Halo headlights add that custom badass look to every vehicle. Though, there are different ways those angel eyes (a.k.a. halo rings) work. The main types of halo rings are LED and CCFL. It is hard to say, which of these two is better, as they have got a lot in common, though they work different from technical point of view.

At the moment, both technologies are used by such well-known aftermarket headlight manufacturers, as Spyder, SPEC-D, CG, ANZO and Lumen. And, there are people who like CCFLs and are not really into LED halo rings and vice versa. So, to determine which halo headlights are the best for
your vehicle, it’s a good idea to look into both and then decide, which if these two is better personally for you.

CCFL headlights: meaning and explanation

CCFL is the oldest technology in headlight industry. These are the angel eyes that you have certainly seen on the older models of BMW. By the way, it is BMW who has pioneered in installing halo rings into their vehicles from the factory. CCFL halo rings produce smooth even glow all over the ring, so you do not see individual glowing dots on the surface. That is the main difference between CCFL and halo headlights.

CCFL headlights


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Technically, CCFL ring is a glass tube with gas inside, and it is the gas that glows. The same technology is employed in the light tube bulbs used in the offices. In average, the lifespan of CCFL bulbs is around 50.000 of continuous glow. CCFLs are less bright, than LED halos, and this is the main
disadvantage of this halo technology. Besides, the CCFL ring has always got a small gap, that’s where the ends of the tube meet. There is normally a metal connector, that makes a tube round.

LED halo ring light: explanation and technology

LED halo rings appeared in the mid-2000s, when the era of LED bulbs for every vehicle application has just started. With the LED halo rings you can look closer and see individual glowing dots. Some like this look, some don’t. Compared to the CCFL in darkness, you will notice, that LEDs are somewhat brighter.

Also, LED halo rings may be of different colors, and are even available with a ColorShift module that allows changing the glow color with a remote or by means a smartphone application. The lifespan of the LED halo rings is around 60.000 hours, which is more, than CCFLs normally last. Cutting a long story short, you get more customization options with the LED halos, than with the CCFL. Yet, you will not get that even glowing effect with the LEDs.

CCFL vs LED headlights: comparison chart

150.000 hours of glow60.000 hours of glow
2Even glowing lightYou can see small glowing dots on the ring
3Feature only one colorAre available with color-changing module
4Inside there is gas that is glowingLED elements glow
5Halos are made of glassHalos are plastic with metal elements
6Polarity mattersPolarity does not matter
7Less bright, than LEDBrighter, than CCFLs

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I like CCFL glow more, than LEDs, as it looks more even and less 'cheap'. That's just IMO.

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