TPMS Sensor Resetting on Honda Vehicles

Today, it is a must for the vehicles to come equipped with TPMS system, if the vehicle is sold in American dealerships. All car makers that offer their cars, trucks and SUVs to the U.S. drivers have to comply with this policy, and Japanese car makers like Honda are not an exception. As of 2008, all vehicles by Honda feature TPMS sensors in every vehicle, sold in America.

TPMS is tire pressure monitoring system. It consists of a unit, that is built into the vehicle, and 4 sensors (1 sensor per wheel). You will see a warning on the dash panel once the sensors show, that any of the wheels are over- or under-inflated. Once you see that, it is recommended to check the pressure in all 4 wheels and inflate tires properly to fix the error and ensure safe drive.

tpms sensors

tpms sensors

The most popular Honda vehicles in the USA are:

  • Honda Accord;
  • Honda CRV;
  • Honda Civic.

Check out this page to see, how to reset TPMS sensors on these Hondas.

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