Frog Gigging: Things to Know

Frog gigging has been popular among the Americans for many years. American Bullfrog is the most popular edible frog that people hunt. Usually, frogs are hunted with a gig. At night hunters go to the lakes and ponds, inhabited with these frogs. They take flashlights and headlamps to see frogs’ eyes in the darkness. By the size of eyes they determine, whether the frog is big enough to hunt it for further cooking. Next, the frog is killed with the help of gig. Then hunters collect the game into a bag.

American Bullfrog

American Bullfrog

Every state has its own laws that regulate the limit of bullfrogs allowed to hunt per person. Frog gigging equipment is usually handmade, so this kind of hunt is inexpensive.

Frog Gigging Equipment:

  • a gig;
  • a flashlight or headlamp;
  • a bag for the game;
  • a net (optional).
Frog gigging equipment

Frog gigging equipment

How to clean frogs?

When the game is collected, frogs have to be cleaned for further grilling. Usually, people eat only frog legs, while the rest of the game is discarded. Some people prefer keeping the feet attached to the legs, as there is still some meat. Some people cut of feet, so cutting feet is optional.

How to Clean Frogs: 4 Easy Steps

  1. Take the frog and cut off rear legs right above the hip. Tip: keep the legs together.
  2. Take a sharp knife and cut the skin on each leg.
  3. Next, remove the skin from the legs by pulling it with the help of pliers.
  4. Cut off the feet if you do not want them.
How to clean frogs

How to clean frogs

Frog Cleaning Tools

  • a sharp knife;
  • pliers for fish-skinning;
  • game sheers.

Read more about frog gigging and frog leg recipes on this page.

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