Hitch-Mounted Mud Flaps

When the truck is used for towing, road debris and stones can badly damage the paint, the trailer that is being towed and the towable. That is why it is highly recommended to take care of the truck and towable protection to avoid dents, chips and other damages that can further lead to rust and corrosion of the truck itself, its towable and what is being towed.

Of course, modern cars, trucks and semi-trucks already come equipped with mud flaps, yet OE mud flaps are usually not enough to stop flying road debris and stones. That’s why if you are into towing, think of a quality hitch-mounted mud flap system that can be easily installed when you have to tow something, and can easily remove it, when nothing is being towed.

Rock Tamers Mud Flap Options

Rock Tamers mud flaps are the most popular adjustable mud flaps on the U.S. market. This manufacturer offers 2 kinds of heavy-duty mud flaps:

  1. Mud flaps for vehicles with 2.5’ hitch receivers;
  2. Mud flaps for vehicles with 2’ hitch receivers.

Mud flap systems by Rock Tamers can be adjusted to fit the width and height of the vehicle, and adding certain mud flap accessories can help you prevent the rubber mud flaps from melting because of the hot exhaust.

Rock Tamers Mud Flaps: Benefits

There are definite benefits of the Rock Tamers mud flaps, if we compare them with certain other popular American mud flap systems:

  • these mud flaps are completely adjustable;
  • installation takes around 40 minutes;
  • Rock Tamers mud flaps fit the most popular hitch receiver sizes in America;
  • mud flap systems by Rock Tamers are completely adjustable;
  • any replacement parts and components can be ordered separately to replace the ones that wear out with time.

Browse the official Rock Tamers web site for more information!

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