Are Aftermarket Headlights Better than OEM?

Quite often we see car owners purchasing aftermarket headlights instead of the factory ones that got damaged or have to be replaced due to any reason. So, why do people select aftermarket headlights instead of the OEM ones?


oem vs aftermarket headlights

Reasons to Buy Aftermarket Headlights

The main reason is price. There are so many great headlight options that are 3-4 times less expensive than the factory headlight assemblies. If you are looking for a fairly priced headlight assembly for your US-built car, pay attention to headlights by Depo and Autosaver88. They look just like the stock headlights you have, installation is plug-and-play, yet the price is way more affordable.

Another reason to choose aftermarket headlights is availability. There is always plenty of them in stock, and you can always check how many of them are available. When it comes to OEM units, they are not always in stock, and you may have to wait for a while, until they are delivered to your dealership.


So, many Americans consider aftermarket headlights as a less expensive alternative to the factory headlights. If you are willing to save some money on the headlight replacement, you can also order a set of aftermarket headlights for your car, truck or SUV.


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