How to Seal Headlights

January 27, 2023

If you have taken the headlights apart, make sure to seal them again afterwards. This will not allow moisture in, so you will prevent fogging and prolong the lifespan of your bulbs and wiring. Make sure to check that the lights are clean and there is no dust inside. You can use compressed air to remove debris from the headlight assembly prior to sealing.

How to Seal Headlights


  1. Apply a seamless bead of outdoor grade silicone to the sealant channel.
  2. Seal wires route opening with strip calk or sealing putty.
  3. Clamp the lens to the housing and let it stay in this position long enough for the seal to set. You can check the recommended drying time in the instruction of silicone that you used for sealing.
  4. To hold the headlight lens in place you may want to use clamps or ratchet strips. The choice depends on the headlight configuration.
  5. Once the headlight sealing is dry, inspect the seal. If you feel that the seal is not completely watertight, you may want to add some wicking silicone over the dried seal.

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