How to Connect a CCFL Halo Driver

January 21, 2023

A halo driver is a device that is usually provided along with the halo upgrade kit. CCFL, LED and plasma halo rings require driver installation to protect the halos from voltage spikes and other electric anomalies that can potentially damage the lights. That’s why it is important to install the driver properly. Here is how the halo ring driver has to be connected.

How to Connect a CCFL Halo Driver

✔ Step 1. When the halo wires are routed, halo pins need to be fed into the driver clip.

✔ Step 2. When attaching the pins, make sure the pins are fed into the outside slots of the clip.

✔ Step 3. Once done, mount the driver in a safe place outside of the headlight assembly. It is recommended that you use a zip-tie or adhesive to secure the halo driver in place. Make sure that the driver does not block any headlight venting.


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Halo driver installation: Pro tips

  • Do not rewire or bypass the halo driver, as it may lead to halo damage that is not covered by the warranty.
  • Never wire several halos or other LED/CCFL devices to a single driver.
  • If the halo won’t turn on after the driver installation, switch polarity (+/-) between the driver and halo ring.
  • Each driver is made to work with a specific LED/CCFL device, so do not switch drivers.

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