LED vs HID vs Halogen

LED vs HID vs Halogen

Halogen bulbs: explanation & features

Originally, the front end of vehicles featured bulbs with tungsten filaments. It is the same construction, that’s used in the modern halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs employ glass bubble filled with halogen, in order to prolong lifespan and performance of these bulbs. Since 1960s, halogen bulbs became more advanced and were installed into headlights of all vehicles as a basic lighting option.

Today, many carmakers install xenon or even LED bulbs into more upscale trim levels. But still, halogen headlights are now the most popular type of headlight bulbs on our roads. Average lifespan of halogen bulb varies from 500 and 1000 hours and highly depends on the manufacturer and technological specs. Power of halogen bulbs today is around 55 watts, yet not all power is converted into light, as these bulbs produce a lot of heat as well.

HID (Xenon) bulbs: things to know

High Intensity Discharge bulbs employ a mixture of gasses (including xenon) and metals to produce bright glow. These bulbs are not just bright, but are significantly brighter, than halogens as they produce 3 times as much light, as halogens do. Also, HIDs require less power to operate, than halogens do. The average for these bulbs is 35 watts. The lifespan of these bulbs depends on the manufacturer and technologies they use to produce these bulbs. But in general they last around 2.000 hours.


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LED vs HID vs Halogen: Comparison Chart

Halogen500-2000 hrsGood illumination;
Low cost;
Mature product.
Short life;
Rapid light output reduction.
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HIDUp to 3000 hrsBetter illumination;
Very efficient.
High voltage use;
Requires special maintenance;
Rainbow effect.
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LED30.000 hrs+Best illumination;
Long life;
Low voltage usage.
Higher initial cost;
Low heat generation.
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LED vs HID vs Halogen: Reviews

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LED vs HID vs Halogen
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There are no aftermarket halo lights for my Hyundai, so I installed a halo light kit into my headlights. So far, I love the way it works and looks.

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