LED Conversion Kits

LED conversion kit for headlights is an easy and cost-effective way that will significantly improve light output and visibility on the road. In average, LED bulbs are 3 times as bright, as a regular halogen bulb. Unlike HID bulbs, they do not dive that dangerous glare. Installation on an LED upgrade kit is easy enough to be performed in a garage with a basic set of tools without serious headlight modifications. Let us take a closer look at LED conversion kits and see how they work and how you can install one in your car or truck to benefit from brighter light and longer performance (compared to HIDs and halogens).

LED Conversion Kits

LED upgrade kit: what comes in the box

A regular LED conversion kit contains several elements in the box.

  1. LED reflector bulb (2 bulbs per kit).
  2. Heat dispersion. Every LED bulb features its own cooling element that helps to eliminate excess heat for lasting and error-free service.
  3. Drivers (1 for each side). Each driver features added circuitry, in order to handle low current and CAN-bus module. Depending on the manufacturer, LED construction and bulb application the drivers may differ in shape and  specs.
  4. Plug and play wiring kit. Wiring is different from application to application and depends on the LED kit construction and vehicle specs.


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LED conversion kit: Installation

LED upgrade is something that is pretty much a DIY, as long as headlight removal does not require extra tools to remove major front fascia elements. As long you have access to the headlights, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Unplug factory headlight harness.
  2. Remove original halogen bulb(s).
  3. Connect the LED bulb to the driver (controller) and properly orient the connector.
  4. Connect the wire that goes from the controller to the adaptor wire.
  5. Install LED bulb into the housing and snap it securely.
  6. Make sure there is enough space for the cooling unit in the assembly.
  7. Connect the last plug from the controller directly to the vehicle.
  8. Repeat the same steps for the other side.
  9. Once the kit is installed, take time to adjust the bulbs in the housings.

certified mechanic at Halo HeadlightsSteven is a certified mechanic and technical writer at Halo Headlights. Steven is excited about fast cars, loud music and car mods. On yearly basis he visits SEMA, as well as other car shows. He has installed thousands of HID and LED kits and did hundreds of custom headlight retrofit projects. Now, he is ready to share his experience with Halo-Headlights.com readers. If you have questions to Steven, just ask your question using the form.

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LED Conversion Kits
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 by Steven Gregson
Location (Sity, State): New York
Vehicle: Toyota Sienna

I picked an under $100 LED kit, and I absolutely love the light output. Way whiter and brighter, than halogens, and the kit was a direct fit.

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