Best Headlights for Cars, Trucks, SUVs

If you are reading this, most likely you have a vehicle, and you are looking for an alternative to your stock headlights. Well, there may be different reasons, why you consider aftermarket headlights. Maybe you just wish to refresh the front fascia of your car, truck or SUV. Maybe you are looking for better visibility at night, or perhaps the stock lights got damaged and you are looking for the aftermarket option, that will not break the bank.

Trust us, we’ve been working with the lights installation, restoration and adjustment for years, and we know, what people like about the lights, and what’s annoying for many. We get many calls and e-mails from people asking to help them find the best headlights for their specific vehicle, so we decided to come up with expert articles that will help people narrow their choice of headlights for their trucks.

Below is the list of the most popular cars, trucks, and SUVs we get questions on. We hope you will find yours. In case it is missing, feel free and e-mail us. Our technicians will come up with the instruction in a timely manner, and we will publish it as soon as we can.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 is a truly American truck. It is made to withstand daily ride, harsh weather conditions and more. If you are the owner of this truck, check out the list of the best headlights for your F-150!

We have got installation instructions, overview, real pictures, technical characteristics about aftermarket lights for different model years of this truck.

22 Comments to “ Best Headlights for Cars, Trucks, SUVs”

  1. Rudy Hovsepyan says :Reply

    Hello, I have One headlight that needs to be made again, As in furbishing from scratch . If your company specializes in doing so, Please call or email me. I will send photos and diagrams, Thank You

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Rudy,
      I’m afraid that is something we can not do at the moment.

      1. Abdul says :Reply

        Hi I have Avalon limited 2013 and I looking for custom lights if u have please let me know

        1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

          Hey Abdul,
          Looks like there are not too many options for your Avalon at the moment.
          All aftermarket headlights I’m aware of are OE-style, so the visual appearance will not change a lot if you install them.
          If you are looking for something different from the stock lights, you can add LED elements to your stock lights by yourself. Consider halo rings, LED strips, etc. You can do the installation by yourself, or hire a shop to do it for you. Alternatively, you can add chameleon or smoked wrap to change the front fascia look without major technical mods. Just make sure tinted lights are legal in your state.
          Hope this helps!

  2. Teshan Lewis says :Reply

    Do you have headlights that will fit 2013 Jaguar XJ Base 3.0 V6 AWD

  3. Terry D Haworth says :Reply

    I am looking to put a set of halo lights on my 2002 chevrolet trailblazer, any thoughts on where i can get a set. my lights are getting old and foggy looking.

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Terry,
      There are not too many options for the 2002 Trailblazer. I will give you the part numbers and you can look them up on Amazon, CarID and other automotive websites to see if they have them in stock.
      1) CG – Chrome halo projector headlights with LED accents: part # 02-AZ-CT02-PCC-RF-A (CCFL halo) or part # 02-AZ-CT02-PCC-RX-A (regular halo ring).
      2) Anzo – Chrome CCFL halo projector headlights – part # 111131.
      3) Anzo – Black CCFL halo projector headlights – part # 111127.
      4) Oracle Lighting – Factory style headlights with color halo – part # 8168-001 (the most expensive option, $500+).

      Note, that all these headlights should come with the bulbs, but these bulbs are not bright at all. So it is a good idea to get the bulb sizes when you will be placing an order (the bulb sizes of these aftermarket headlights will not correspond with the bulb sizes of stock lights you have). So, get good bulbs (Sylvania, Philips, etc) of the right bulb sizes right away. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied with brightness.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Brian says :Reply

    What brand of aftermarket headlight assemble do you think has the highest quality? I’m looking to buy my 3rd set of headlight assemblies for my 2001 Ford Taurus and I would like my next set to meet or exceed OEM. I’m also interested in any specialty assemblies such as projector or tinted etc.
    Any information or advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Brian,
      I’d pick headlights by Replace (part numbers: driver’s side – FO2502169C, passenger side – FO2503169C). If you are looking for headlights with black backing, you may like Spyder Xtune® – Black Euro Headlights (part # HD-JH-FTA00-AM-BK). Yet, they come without bulbs, and you are getting just a shell. As for the custom style headlights, looks like they do not offer any. Still, you can pick Spyder headlights and install aftermarket halo rings into them to get that custom look.

  5. Carl L. Knauff says :Reply

    I have 2009 GMC Sierra 2500 HD and I am looking for a plasma halo headlight assembly for my truck. I have had bad luck with 2 sets of Spyder CCFL halos (one halo stopped working just outside the 1 year warranty and Spyder would not do anything, so I DO NOT want Spyder brand. Only want white light, no colored plasma. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Carl,

      If I had a 2009 GMC Sierra HD, I would pick a set of Recon halo headlights with CCFL halos, part # 264271BKCC.
      Here is another set of aftermarket headlights for the 2009 Sierra 2500 HD that I personally like. They do not have halos, yet they feature fiber optics, which means that aesthetic lighting will not burn out as your Spyder plasma did. Check out AlphaRex – PRO-Series Black Sequential DRL Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal (part # 880606).
      They have nothing to break in terms of auxiliary lighting, as fiber optics is way more resistant to temperature changes, vibration, and moisture than CCFLs.

      Hope this helps!

  6. brian shilling says :Reply

    I have a 1996 izusu trooper and I need both headlight assembly. Rear ended some one and turns out they don’t make my parts anymore. Already checked first 2 pages of sites on Google for oem(no luck), and the wrecking yards. I’m just left with aftermarket.

  7. Mbonta says :Reply

    What will be the best aftermarket headlights for my 2008 Toyota sequoia

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hi there,

      There are many great aftermarket lights for your Sequoia. If you are looking for a combination of fair price, easy installation, and good quality, here are a couple of assemblies I can recommend from my experience.

      1. Spyder® – Black LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights, part # PRO-JH-TTU07-LED-BK (for models with factory halogen headlights only), price is around $280 – $300. Bulb size is H1 for high and H1 for low beams.
      2. Anzo® – Black LED U-Bar™ Projector Headlights, part # 111394 (fits ’08 Sequoia with factory halogen headlights without auto-leveling function), price is around $430 – $450. Bulb size is H1 for high and H7 for low beams.

      Now, here are some other great options over $500:

      1. Alpha Owls® – Quad-Pro Black DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights with Sequential Turn Signal. Part # 7180116. Both high and low beams are LED, so these lights are brighter and more lasting than the regular halogens. Note, that this model will not fit 08 Sequoia with a factory headlight washer system. Price is around $580 – $600.
      2. Recon® – Chrome LED DRL Bar Halo Projector Headlights. Part # 264194CLC. The price is around $700. Bulb size is H1 for high and H1 for low beams.
      3. AlphaRex® – LUXX-Series Black DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights. Part # 880776. Fits 08 Sequoia with level adjusters. Bulb: LED low beam, LED high beam. The price is around $700.
      4. Morimoto® – XB™ Gloss Black Sequential DRL Bar LED Headlights. Part # LF533-ASM (with white DRLs), LF533-A-ASM (with amber DRLs). Replaces Original (OE) Part #: 811500C051, 811100C051. Price is around $930 – $980.

      I hope this info will help you find the best headlights for your vehicle!

  8. HUY NGUYEN says :Reply

    LOOKING FOR IDEAS. 2003 suzuki carry DA63T. need after market lights, please advise

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey there,

      I’m afraid I cannot recommend an option for you, since as far as I know, there are no good options at the moment. Sure thing, there are OEM style and quality headlights, yet there is nothing much I can recommend with halo lights and LED accents. The only way is to do a retrofit. You can add a projector lens, a clear lens, as well as some decorative elements.

      I hope this helps!

  9. BRETT V NELSON says :Reply

    Do you have any options for the first gen tacomas 2001

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hi Brett,

      What exactly are you looking for? If you just need aftermarket headlights, there are great and budget-friendly options by Spyder and certain other brands. I will provide the part numbers and specs so that you could look into this and select the ones that you like. Yet, I must admit, they do not offer too many options with LED accents and angel eyes. So, if you are looking for headlights with those stylish LED elements, I’d recommend buying one of the aftermarket headlight sets from my list and then adding a set of halo rings or LED strips by yourself. We have a great article on how to do that and how to seal the lights again. In fact, it is not very difficult.

      Now, here are aftermarket headlights that we can recommend for the 2001 Tacoma.

      • Spyder® – Chrome Euro Headlights with Parking LEDs Part # HD-ON-TT01-1PC-LED-C, around $250 per pair. Bulbs: 9003 (HB2) low/high beam (not included)
      • Oracle Lighting Headlight assembly with a color shift halo ring and a controller, part # 7202-333, for around $450 per pair. They are non-returnable and non-refundable.
      • Spec-D® – Black/Smoke Euro Headlights with Corner Lights, part # 2LCLH-TAC01JM-RS, Bulbs: 9003 low/high beam (not included). The price is around $100 per pair.

      I hope this info helps!

  10. Chris says :Reply

    Hello, I’m looking for replacement headlights for a 2007 Mercury Montego. Mine are foggy. . . Thank you!

  11. Sam Reimer says :Reply

    looking for headlight assembly for 2001 Lincoln continental

    1. Susan Andrews says :Reply

      Hey Sam,
      Thanks for the question. It looks like there aren’t many great options for your Continental. Do you consider retrofit or just adding LEDs or halo rings into the OEM headlights?
      That’s something that is not too expensive or complicated, yet you will definitely see the difference! If you are not sure about the time you will need and you cannot stay with your Lincoln sitting in a garage, just pick a set of used to work on. Or, if you prefer brand-new headlights, there are many OE-style aftermarket headlights for the ’01 Continental.
      Hope this helps!

  12. HODGE says :Reply

    do you have something to fit a 1973 Buick electra 225?

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